Thursday, February 12, 2009

So Much Love in the World
& So Many Aprons to Prove IT!

I went to the grocery store after work yesterday and when I got home there was a package waiting for me! Real mail is so great and a bulky package in the mail is even better! When I opened it up I was touched by the wonderful gifts inside along with a beautiful apron. The gift was from my apron swap buddy Three Prince Designs.

I had already planned to make spaghetti and meat(less)balls for dinner. I was sooo nervous I would get red sauce all over my fantastic new apron. Lucky for me I had an assistant do the ‘dirty’ work, thanks KT! So my apron survived and I look forward to wearing it for all my cooking endeavors. Thank you so much MB!

The swap is so real and heartfelt. It’s a random group of strangers that all have two things in common; the skill to sew and the desire to share their time. There were so many fantastic aprons made and sent by people from all over the world. You can see some of them from the blog Sassy Flirty Apron Swap.

Ok Lucy and Shawnee, what’s next?

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Sew Must Go On!

After signing up for the Sassy Flirty Apron Swap while I was back home in Seattle, I found a great pattern and made a practice apron to test it out; cute pattern and not too difficult! Not long after my practice apron was complete, I headed back to Minnesota (where I’m originally from) to finish school at the University of Minnesota. I thought I would have so much fun sewing aprons, bags, and curtains with my mom’s old machine. As it turned out she either lost it, gave it away, or it’s hiding in a very dark corner somewhere in the attic.

What a bummer!

I had the fabric ready to go, but no machine. I looked around at some local kitchen shops and fancy stores, but I couldn’t bring myself to purchase a readymade apron for my apron swap partner.

To the rescue… a good old fashion, slow go, desk top machine, I inherited it from my Grandma Sebe. She used to make my sister and me so many cute doll clothes, blankies, and Christmas ornaments. She also taught me how to make lefse, but that will come in handy for a different kind of swap, I hope!

So I picked up the machine last weekend and had one night to whip up a great apron and ship it to my swap buddy in New York so she’d get it in time for Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately there were many kinks in the machine and I quickly found out that reverse is not always an option and slow is better than fast, but all and all I was delighted to be using my Grandma’s machine while making a wonderful gift for a stranger.

Hope you have a happy happy, sassy flirty, hot & spicy Valentine’s Day!

Friday, January 02, 2009

Happy New Year 2009!

For Christmas Birddog and I sewed aprons for our three nieces and one for their mother. I was sooo jealous. They were so cute and colorful. I wanted to keep them sooo bad, good thing they were too small for me. No worries, with the leftovers, a few trips to the thrift store, and a hard time deciding at the Quilting Loft, I started on a binge to make me one too! Or maybe three or four.

This is going to be my Christmas Apron, I was almost done, but I ran out of bobbin thread and moved on to making lefse instead. I'll finish the apron this weekend and I'll be ready for next Christmas. It seems silly to have an apron for just one holiday, but it will go nicely with the apron Birddog got for Christmas! (I'll get a picture of him in here soon)

So, during my search to find patterns and ideas I came across this website: Sassy Flirty Aprons. I was so excited about the concept of getting an apron in the mail, I signed up! The deal is to make an apron for a complete stranger, and in return, have a complete stranger make one for me!

This is just a smattering of the fabric I was sifting through to see what I have on hand. Maybe there's a good way to organize it; color, theme, size... maybe later.

This is supposed to be a backpack for me. Birddog has had it in the works for about 2 years now. If you'll notice the lower right corner, you'll see what's slowing him down. Crazy video games!

So it might take some time to get my umpteen zillion (3 or 4) aprons all figures out, but until then…Yum Yum, delicious, FUN!

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

She Sews & She Blows!

I've been feeling a bit crafty lately! How you feel'n?
My bubble gum kept on blow'n the best and biggest bubbles, but all I captured was this smallish one. Oh the bubble gum and sewing fun!
More later...

Sunday, June 03, 2007

Knit Night was fun last night! Pints & Projects galore. Looking forward to July!

Here's what I was knitting in May...

You can never have too many wash cloths, dish cloths, napkins, dust rags, colorful hand made small things in the house. These are a collection of what I've been making lately. Small, mindless yet practical (price & purpose), and FAST! Most will be given away as gifts.

This colorful gift set is for my cuz, KT, in Minnesota. I hope she doesn't read this blog or she'll know what she's getting in the mail for her b-day this week.

This cutie patootie, is the third baby hat I've made from Daphne's Decidedly Hilltop design #66. The one pictured is modified using bobbles instead of the given pattern stitch. One little hat went to my friend Mputela's new baby niece in Alaska and another one went to the baby girl of a teenage mother I know from work. This one, well, it might sit around till the next baby head pops out or it might get sent in a knitted care package to Alaska once Mputela finishes his first project, a knitted bib.

Knit On!

Monday, April 02, 2007

Wow, I wasn't able to knit for like EVER. I was a foster parent to a 14 month old Yellow Lab, named Yellowstone, who not only attacked everything knitting related, he went after my shoes, magazines, couch cushions, photo albums, end table legs, butter, hot pad holders, you name it- he got it. So I had to put all my projects and needles on top of my bookshelf, in drawers, and completely out of dog reach for 5 weeks. It was so strange not knitting for that long.

Well I didn't actually STOP knitting (I mean come on already, did you really think I could stop?), I just had to choose the appropriate time, place, and project. The time ended up being far and few in between, the places were obvious, any moment I had without the Yarn Beast, Yellowstone. In my truck, stop lights or rush hour, or during my lunch break at work (knit knit bite, purl knit swallow bite, knit knit...), and at the bar (drink drink knit, drink knit purl drink...). So the projects I choose had to be mindless, YEAH for felting "things"! And stockinette stitch!

I made up a hat project I was supposed to have for my friends St. Patty's Day party. I didn't quite make it to the party and I had to redesign the hat a few times, drink drink knit, rip rip drink. Shannon is being consumed by the monster size top hat.
WhaLA! Felting does it every time. It's a little bit taller than I had in mind, but if the hat fits, wear it!
I'm also sporting my new green knitted during employee training scarf.
There are a few other "things" I need to felt and figure out what they'll be???
Now that my foster dog has been adopted, Yeah!, I'll get out my stash and keep on Knitt'n.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

My Step Mom made this beautiful blue sweater with Chop Sticks,
it's true- chop chop!

Totally SweateR

Lovey Lovey Lovey Love It

Happy V day!